Upper Limb Prosthetics

About me and this site:

My name is Andrea Hess. Although I am now a certified prosthetist, I started this website several years ago when I was a prosthetics and orthotics student.  I loved upper-limb prosthetics and wanted to see more objective information on the web accessible to patients. 

At the beginning of my schooling, I found it challenging to find introductory explanations about upper-limb technology.  Everything was either too simple or too advanced.  And in searching for a residency, it was a challenge, even with the resources that I have, to figure out who has extensive upper limb experience.  

As I said on the home page, it is my hope that every person with an upper limb loss or absence has the opportunity to talk to an experienced practitioner about the options available to him or her.  I hope I have given you some of the information you need to help you be an active participant in your own rehabilitation process and prosthetic care.

After my residency, I went to work for one of the people on this list, and I now work for Pacific Medical in San Jose and am part of their upper limb prosthetics program.  I don't list myself on the site because it still seems presumptuous to put my name next to those of my mentors, and I don't want people to think I created this site for that purpose.  But I am in San Jose, CA, and I do practice upper limb prosthetics at Pacific Medical if you are interested in coming to see me.

While I know this site is far from perfect, I want it to be accurate and helpful.  If you find it lacking in either way, please let me know.

Contact me if you
 - have any questions, comments, or concerns 
 - have a video, resource, link, or information you think should be added 
 - need additional information on finding a practitioner in your area
 please email me
at upperlimbprosthetics@live.com