Upper Limb Prosthetics

Some of these are resources for both upper and lower limb differences.  Ones that are specific for upper limb are marked with a ** 

Support Resources

Amputee coalition of America
   National Peer Support Network:  
   support group listings, peer visitor program, patient support group

   Amputee Coalition Online Support Group 

    **Upper extremity loss information and resources: 

    **Bilateral upper extremity limb loss information and resources:  

"This site is made for arm amps by arm amps.  We are here to help new arm amps to deal with their new body form along with offering tried and true tips and suggestions.  
Here you will find profiles of other arm amputees, information on how to sign up for the ARM-AMP email list, and links to information you may find useful in your everyday life."  They have an online chat and an electronic mailing list to find information and support.

Less than 4 .org:  amputee social network: 

       **Arm amputee group:   http://www.lessthanfour.org/armamputee

**UEA Life: 
Committed to bringing information and inspiration, along with life experiences to upper extremity amputees, their family and friends. 

       List of support groups in the US:  http://www.uea-life.com/sg.htm

**One Arm Dove Hunt 
A two day event in Texas with “great fellowship, great Texas food, musical entertainment…” and more.  Fellowship and helping recent amputees is the primary focus. 
You can also contact the founders/organizers for more information  http://www.onearmdovehunt.com 

**The One Handed World Project: 
TheOneHandedWorld is a place where people with an upper limb absence can connect and share experiences while helping manufacturers design products that are easier to use. It is a commercially sponsored site that will be used by develop products that better meet your needs. 
www.theonehandedworld.com I'm not sure what this site is like, I only made it to the About us page

**How To Type With One Hand:  
www.aboutonehandtyping.com/howto.html (how-to's and products)

**Creative Solutions for Young Women Amputeeshttp://www.cs4a.org/

Other general resources:

P and O Care, Inc:  links to more resources:

The Edge magazine: 

inMotion magazine

Amputee Website: 

Amps in action

360 O&P :
This is a web based community, where consumers, physicians, manufacturers and all allied medical professionals come together  

Amputee Resources

Amputee resource Foundation of America
Information on upper and lower extremity absences 

National Association for the Advancement of Orthotics and Prosthetics  http://www.naaop.org/patients/  (Mostly legislative stuff)

Sports and Activities

Amputee sports and activities for Active Amps

American Amputee Soccer Association

**North American One-Armed Golfer Association

MTB Amptutees
This page was created to provide an international venue for amputee mountain bikers and cyclists to share and promote their achievements and accomplishments as well as encourage and inform amputees and the general public in regards to amputee mountain biking and cycling.   Personal stories, ips, inf on bike and prosthetic modifications

Farming with an Arm Amputation / AgrAbility
Has a page with tips for UEA farmers and for reducing potential for secondary injuries.
I could not link to it directly, so you have to go to their main site and locate it that way.

Resources for those who can’t afford prosthetic care

The Barr foundation

Limbs for Life

Limbs of Love

Arms within Reach

Education and Information

www.oandp.com is used by prosthetic and orthotic practitioners as a resource for just about everything.  It has news articles, scientific research articles, and more.

It also has an older version of the
Atlas of Limb Prosthetics (the main reference for our field). 
Keep in mind it was written for prosthetists, but if you are curious, give it a try!
It also contains information on pediatric and congenital limb differences, which I do not talk about on this site.

If you go to
www.pdfebookdownloads.com and search for "upper limb prosthetics" or "upper extremity prosthetics" you will find a collection of informative free articles about a variety of topics.